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Oux / Bounce House / Bellhead @ The Burlington Bar

Oux (Formerly Fahrenheit 808)

Oux is a Chicago/LA based, experimental hip-hop/pop duo influenced by artists like Bjork, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean and SOPHIE. They released their first single “i sleep skeptical,” in January of 2018, and followed it up with a second single “mosquito bites,” in March of 2018. They began performing live at Chicago house shows and venues in August of 2018 when Natalie Finamore moved to Chicago from LA.


Bounce House is a pop rock quartet out of St. Louis, Missouri. Their blend of groove heavy escapist synthpop features dual vocals and killer keyboards. Bouncing into a future near you.


Bellhead are a Modern Rock duo made up of two Chicago scene veterans who have left their mark across the tattered live music scene. Consisting of High Bass/ and Lead Vocalist Ivan Russia, formerly of the infamous Ahab Rex, Mr. Russia, and Sheriff Scabs; partnered with Low Bass/Vocalist Karen Righeimer- one of Chicago’s premier bass players who has been featured as a current or former member of diverse bands such as Fashion Bomb, Team Cybergeist, Sheriff Scabs, W.O.R.M, Now I'm Nothing, mindfluxfuneral, Bethany Thomas, Pigface, and am.psych.

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