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Oux is an experimental hip hop/pop duo based in Chicago/LA consisting of power-duo Natalie Hope Finamore and Manae Hammond.

Oux began performing and release singles under the name Fahrenheit 808. They released their two singles “I Sleep Skeptical” and “Mosquito Bites” in 2018, and have an upcoming six song EP “Honeymood” coming this August. Since their inception, they’ve become staples in the seams of Chicago’s music scene, performing at numerous venues across the city.

Manae and Natalie describe their sound as “ambient synth wave soul”. They draw inspiration from artists such as Björk, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, and Sophie. Their music contains elements of many genres such as hip hop, idm, afro-cuban music, rock and pop. Oux fuses the best of these genres through their nostalgic synth textures, poetically cathartic lyrics, glitchy samples and drum beats.

Oux aims to create vast spaces with their music -sounds that listeners can get lost in. Within these spaces, they craft narratives with a variety of themes from being queer to dealing with mental illness and the full range of human emotions in between.

Oux has lots of great new music in store for us and an exciting month ahead of them! They scored a “Homegrown Residency” at Uncommon Ground for the month of August, where they will be performing each Tuesday starting on August 6th. Their residency supports Black and Pink Chicago, an organization dedicated to supporting the reintegration of incarcerated LGBTQIA and POC.

Check out Oux at Uncommon Ground, and stay tuned for their debut six song EP “Honeymood” arriving to all streaming platforms on September 7th!