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Whoux Is Oux?

Oux (pronounced “Awe”) is an experimental hip-hop/pop duo, influenced by artists such as Bjork, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, and SOPHIE.

Oux released two singles in the first half of 2018 and began performing live in the second half, proving their talent and energy in venues ranging from DIY dives to upscale restaurants and everything in between. Recently, they capped off that list with a residency at Uncommon Ground, and followed up shortly with the release of their debut EP, “Honeymood” Setting their sights on bigger stages and an album already in the works, Oux is ready to make their mark.



Mosquito Bites

i didn't tell you where i'd go
some summary of summers that i barely know
simmer over and flood the stove
i wrote myself out of my strong will
and left my spitfire in the cold
laughed to myself til it was a joke
the spokes of my mind still spinning
like the back tire of the bike left in the road
streetlights try to capture sunshine
in their synthetic glow
when i have mosquito bites i wish for snow
and when it snows i want to leave home
and every itch threatens to tear a hole
one day i'll scratch so deep i'll hit my soul

I sleep Skeptical

someone hold me down
let me count the stars in
heaven's open mouth
watch the steam rise off the asphalt
i always knew these dreams were my fault
somewhere self-care drowns in bath salt
i spread in circles on the floor
morton's girl don't come round here no more
no iodine for open sores
just my eyes

cold california coughs up copacetic coping mechanisms
red rover raves about the jingle bells of jingoism
summer sighs as it dies
dying bleached beds the color of gray skies
the rain brings tidings of your eyes
the sunshine leaks out from your hands
the contrast in our contraband
all my imaginary friends waiting in the stands
you're my religion

i sleep skeptical
i keep records still
i eat vegetables
for clear ventricles
and a clear conscience
havent been so clear since
that thursday that we appeared in
some kind of covert coalescence
a reason to become present
well seasoned with heady resonance
and a light to bless our heads with
one major sixth and two dissonant fifths
resolved in an intervallic trysts
with a delicate touch a harmonic fist
we twist our wrists round our artifice
artificial lisps out of reticence
irreverent to the president
reset your risks set a precedent
metacarpals rest above the seventh fret
and stretch back toward they first met
to a campus colored a blue shade of red
where the air’s alive the atmosphere is dead
melodies nailed is the subject
all the rooms we create are sublet
watch the scene fade with the sunset
and let our heartbeats roll in tuplets
i'll be the north on your compass